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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clanging noise when braking

This may be a difficult one or an easy one. Im jus starting to work on my midget as a hobby and learning as I go. At present I have a banging noise when braking. It seems to be banging at the pace of the tire rotation so it bangs quicky when I start braking and then slower and slower as I slow down. its on the left hand side on a right hand drive MG Midget 78

any ideas?
M A McGrath

Cracked disc, maybe?
Dave O'Neill 2

might be something as simple as a caliper mounting bolt that needs tighting up
d a hadaway

ps yes i know i spelt that wrong, lol
d a hadaway

Yup - find where the Midgetguys are - and ask their help on anything you have trouble on - coz they are pretty good - and I can't believe I'm being so nice ... :)

or a loose wheel, check the wheel nuts.
Paul Walbran

Paul's suggestion reminds of a trick we used to do when I was very much youngfer. Put a few coins in the hub cap. Quiet whilst you are driving (centrifugal force) but as you slow down they start clonking. That got me in some serious trouble when my friends mum built up a bill at their local garage as a result!
Graham M V

This thread was discussed on 08/08/2010

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