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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clash with rear wheel cylinders

Hi all
Have been putting together the rear axle of my midget
Just fitted new brake cylinders (fun job) and have now found two issues.
1 when I rotate the hub assembly the part near the back of the wheel studs brushes the cylinder seal ( only lightly, but would no doubt be bad when running)
Secondly the circlip for the cylinder obscures the blead nipple.
Both issues could be solved by a bit of dremel grinder action. Is this a food idea or have I missed something ?
T Dafforn

1 "they all do that sir"
You might want to get the grinder out but i never bothered it just nicks and does not cause anny problems.

2 It should not since the bleed nipple sits at an angle it just goes past
Onno Könemann

The lately supplied "aftermarket" rear cylinders are fitted with an obese rubber dust cover. I believe the originals were much slimmer. The surplus rubber will quickly wear away to fit and as it is a dust cover, not the hydraulic seal, it probably doesn't matter that much.

The circlip shouldn't interfere with the bleed nipple if it is fitted correctly. But there are other solutions - if you have a few hours to spare you could check the archives!
Guy Oneandahalf Sprites

Pull out the locating pin, in cylinder, and tap the hole 2BA or 3/16 unf. Fix cylinder to backplate with 2BA / 3/16 unf bolt and dispense with circlip.
A Anstead

Just done mine about an hour ago at work! Going to fit them tonight. The backplate has already been drilled for an extra hole opposite the pin one so I did two on each cyl. Away with those cursed clips!!

John Payne

I've never understood why people use the E clips that come with the cylinders, I simply measured things and ordered proper C clips and wave washers (what BMC used) from a fastener supply house, in stainless steel, no less. If you search here you'll find the part numbers I posted for them.

Drilling and tapping is probably fine, but the play that the spring clips allows is supposed to help the shoes self align to the drum for more even wear and minimized pedal travel. But many folks have done it in the last few years and haven't reported trouble with the results, so I expect that the very small amount of the braking work those rears do makes it not all that important either way.

Norm Kerr

I think that as the two pistons work independently, the shoes can move up and down in the slots and the contact area of the shoe is curved the cylinders being solid mounted shouldn't matter. No one seems to have reported any probs on here - yet!
John Payne

On my current car I have the cylinders fixed with small setscrews. But on my previous car I tried another approach which worked equally well.

I drilled two small holes in each backplate and fitted those short coil spring and "golf tee" devices as used on many moderns. These held the shoes firmly to the backplate which in turn stopped the cylinder from flapping about. But it still allowed enough movement of the shoes against the springs to properly align to the drums. It seemed a good alternative solution.


Guy Oneandahalf Sprites

I still do not understand the problem with the E-clips.
I always get them on without a trouble.

The trick is to put one end under the ridge, hold it in place with one hand and use a smal flat screw driver to flip the other end over then pust the middle part down.
At that moment all pieces click under the ridge and it is fitted.

Removing the wheel and cleaning all the old grime and brake fluid off takes more time and is more irritating.
Onno Könemann

Thanks Guys,
I think i'll just take the edge off the bosses at the back of the offending peice.
E clips wearn't too bad to fit, but I wonder whether they are now being made oversized like the cylinder dust covers!
On another question. How do you tell the difference between the two handbrake levers, I hear they are handed?
T Dafforn

Hi Tim

the handbrake levers are handed. Here's a photo of the RH one in position for your reference (note that the rivet head goes "up" and the lever arm faces "rear" - it is just barely peaking out from behind the back plate, on the LH side of the photo, though it is almost lost in the axle housing that I used to prop it up with).

I'll also attach a photo of the completed assembly next.

Norm Kerr

and here is what it all looks like when put together


Norm Kerr

Sheesh Norm, thanks for making us all jealous. My rear axle, etc., hasn't looked that clean since around 1978.

Tim didn't mention the year of his car, but I'll state the obvious and say that if he has a 1500, the handbrake linkage will be different from Norm's.

Gryf Ketcherside

Sorry guys, its a 1970 1275
T Dafforn

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