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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cleaning up the rostyles

Rain has stopped, river flooding has gone down, and the sun is shining. Time to fix up those rusty Rostyle rims. The rims arrived with a really rough paint job on some of them, with the others just a nice shade of rust.

Spent some time applying paint stripper, as well as sanding back the rust. Then a coat of XTroll to encapsulate any rust and stop it spreading.

Coat of undercoat, couple of coats of black, then masking up, two coats of silver, finished by three coats of clear.

I'm very happy with them. Now to let the paint harden properly then off to get some new tyres on them. There seems to be a lot of comments on tyre/tire sizes so I'll go with what I can get here in Oz.


w butler

Final picture - masking using very sharp scalpel, then a couple of coats of silver.
Finished up with three coats of clear to try to protect the rims, as well as put a bit of a sparkle on them.

w butler

they look excellent, good work mate!

M Le Chevalier

I've got a set that 'm going to be selling soon. Can you come over to scotland and paint them for me ;-)

graeme jackson

I have a set that I want to put back on my car, whilst you are in Scotland you could paint mine too! :-)

M Le Chevalier

Nice work, Wazza! I did mine the same way several years ago, the only difference being that I had access to a friend's blasting booth at the time, which greatly sped the stripping process.

As for masking, I was a technical artist back in the day, so masking and X-acto work was my stock in trade. Taping up the wheels was no big challenge, and the results still look rather nice today.

Gryf Ketcherside

Thanks for the comments, and I'm sitting at the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks as we speak with "Rostyle kit" in my carry-on luggage :-) And I work for peanuts - and haggis.

Gryf, would have loved to have them blasted but didn't have a booth big enough, and the "blasting companies" want about $60 per rim. Bit of paint remover, good wash, and plenty of elbow grease saved me that $300 to spend on other bits'n'pieces.

I was a graphic artist back in my day as well, so the scalpel work was no problems at all.

w butler

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