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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clonk

I have a 77 midget 1500. A symptom that has recently developed is a clonk (don't know where from) when I pull away in 1st gear. Can't say I have heard in any other gear. It doesn't always do it. Just now & again.
Any clues?
Nigel Axtell

If the car has wire wheels then it is more than likely a worn splined hub or worn spline in the wheel.
Bob Turbo Midget England

Being a 1500 probably means it does not have wire wheels. :( So could it be simply a loose wheel can you check?
Bob Turbo Midget England

not tomention loose suspension someware

I want to be the 1st to say ... Most likely NOT a UJ.

Prop... forsee the future

Exhaust silencer?
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

Loose rear damper bolts or maybe loose rear backplate mounting bolts?
Guy Weller

Does the noise sound like it is coming from anywhere in particular?

Can you feel it through the car aswell as hear it?

Is it always in first gear? Would it happen during quick application of the accelerator or sharp deceleration?


Propshaft Joint?
Andrew Dunn

Tool left in the engine compartment(!) Or Boot? Or...

Anthony Cutler

my clonk last week was caused by a weak front shock, try bouncing it on the corners
Nick Sayle

Thanks for the comments.
In answer to Peter, the noise appears to come from the engine compartment or front. I would say it seems to occur from acceleration (reasonably quick, but not excessive), not heard it on any deceleration.
Nigel Axtell

And it is only in first gear Nigel?

Does it happen if you bring the clutch out slowly or does it happen no matter what speed the clutch is brought out at?

Have you got an engine stabiliser bar?

What condition are your engine mounts in?

If it were drivetrain or suspension related than i would expect it to happen more often than just first gear, such as sharp acceleration and deceleration which would show up any slack bolts or a poorly built/worn diff.


It only appears to be 1st gear. Its very random, it has done it letting the clutch out slowly
Engine stabiliser bar - not sure if I have one
The engine was rebuilt July 08, so I believe the mounts are OK
Nigel Axtell

if you let off the throttle and then press it again quite abruptly a couple of times whilst moving does it happen?
Andrew Dunn

Worn armstrong shocks do clonk.
Alex G Matla

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