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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch and Brake Pedal Heights

Although my clutch and brakes work just fine, the brake and clutch pedal heights differ. The brake pedal is much higher than the clutch pedal. Is this common or normal?
'73 midget
Jon Saylor

No, should be the same.
How much slop in the pedal, as felt by your hand? Usually it is wear in the clevis pin holes (end of pedal and pushrod)= slop. Possible that holes have been welded up off center, or wrong pushrods fitted.
Best repair is to braze the holes up and redrill - the brass makes a good bearing that lasts longer than the original. New pin and lubricate it.

FR Millmore

There is very little slop (or travel) at the pedal and the clevis pin hole is not oval and no wear on the pin. I'm confused as to why the brake pedal is up higher than the clutch pedal. I can't adjust the brake pedal via the brake light switch/adjuster because I have too little travel in the pedal.
Jon Saylor

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