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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch bleeding

Hi guys

Have just retaxed the midget for the summer and noticed that the clutch has to go all the way down to engage a gear, and even then it's a struggle.

Checked the resevoir and it was pretty much empty so topped up with clutch fluid but no difference!

Assuming it needs bleeding and from what i know the slave cylinder is where I can find the bleed nipple, and that is located on the side of the gearbox.

First question, if I jack up can I easily access the bleed nipple?

Second question, does this sound like the problem or am I missing something?

By the way it's a 1500.

Thanks in advance for help.

A Burgess

have you checked the reseviour again since filling to see if you might have a leak
Nigel Atkins

Yes, checked and still full.
A Burgess

so where did the fluid go, unless the level was well down before I think you might have a leak and if you keep pressing the pedal a good number of times the level in the reseviour may drop meaning it's going elsewhere so have someone keep a watch for where it's going in case it's going on your paint work

to bleed I think the Archives will have best method but you're going to need a kit or second person anyway

have plenty of water and pouring jug as if you have a leak or spill the fluid will get on your paintwork and remove it
Nigel Atkins

I think there may be a very small leak that over time has brought it down to this level, however topped up, pumped clutch and the level has not dropped so hoping its ok.
A Burgess

I would check to see if you have clutch drag - engage 1st gear and with clutch fully in, see if the car creeps forward (despite having clutch in). I've just replaced the clutch on my MK1 (admittedly different to your 1500) due to clutch drag making it impossible to drive without crashing the gears. When dismantled I found the friction plate to be covered in dust,and clogged so much that the clutch wasn't disengaging. I had checked the hydraulics before changing the clutch and they seemed OK. I put the problem down to a lack of use and winter lay-ups.

Ian F.
I Fozzard

Yes checked that, 1st gear, clutch down and cars stays still so hopefully that's ok.

Unfortunately won't be able to look at now till the end of the summer, had to leave it at my mums whilst the builders move in and store all their gear where the MG lives, extension has to take precedent over summer MG fun!
A Burgess

The clutch slave cylinder on the 1500 is located on the passenger side of the car (UK passenger side, that is). You can only access it from underneath... jack and prop the car, crawl under, and look up alongside the transmission where it joins the clutch housing. The slave cylinder fits into a bracket on the clutch housing. There are two threaded ports on the end of the cylinder; the lower for the hydraulic line, and the upper for the bleed port. Make sure these haven't been reversed!

Hope this helps,

Gryf Ketcherside

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