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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch drawing-in air?????


it all started with a clutch slave replacement due to the seals gone. As the master cylinder was the same age i replaced that and the rubber hose too, leaving only the metal pipe from the MC to the RH not replaced.

i have bled the system with a easybleed, draper suction system and using the old 2 man way, but can not get rid of air.

I do not mean the odd bubble i mean bubble after bubble after bubble, streams of them. I put fresh fluid in and bubbles and fluid comes out. I have no leaks that i can see, have striped the system down and rebuilt twice making sure of new copper washers etc but the bubbles still keep coming.

I have now spent over 5hrs up and under the car bleeding and am getting rather P..... off with it and put over 4L of fluid through.

its as if, when the fresh fluid is been pumped/pushed through the system, air is been drawn in as well. Is this possible?

Help Please!!!!!
d scaife

Attach the easi-bleed to the slave cylinder nipple and then gently undo the union at the master cylinder. Use plenty of rags to catch the air/fluid that comes out at the union. Once you have got rid of most of the air then re-bleed it in the usual way with the easi-bleed on the master cylinder cap.
Andrew Dunn

Get rid of the easy bleed for a start, I susupect that when you are opening it to bleed the system it's leaking air around the threads. You also didn't indicate if it's a 1500 or an A series car. On the 1500s because the bleed fitting is to the rear of the car they often trap air in the slave as the car is usually raised more at the front than the rear. If that's the case raise the car in the rear and see how that works. On a 1500 the bleed will fit in either port, make sure it's in the highest port.
Bill Young


Thanks for your help.

I did try andrews tip, but still loads of air.

Looking at Bills tip i put some PTFE tape on the slave bleed and have seem to have all the air out of the system, with a good pedal, but no clutch!

The slave does not seem to be moving the lever on the gearbox housing far enough to make the clutch clear.

I have kept bleeding to see if there is a final bubble with the car front up and down but the fluid is running clear.

Any more tips guys?

Many thanks

BTW its an A series
d scaife

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