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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Fluid

I am rebuilding the Master and Slave on my 73 midget. I have DOT3 and DOT4 Synthetic. Which fluid should I use when I bleed the system then refill.
Allan Jacks

Allan, I think either, but not DOT5 which is silicon based. I'm sure you'll get more input from the Forum.

Useful link;

James Eastwood

Great and thanks. Also is there any special trick to get the bottom 1/2 " bolt out of the clutch housing. I have removed the plat, just not sure what is the best tool to use.
Good news is that I have 7/8 travel at the clutch pedal, but only 3/8 before I rebuild both master and slave.
Allan Jacks

Everything was going well until I went to repair the slave cylinder and the packet I got was missing. I knew I had put it behind the car. One of the dogs had picked it up and opened up the packet and one of the rubber bushes was missing. Hopefully it will pass without issue. Time to call it a night and I will pick up when the part comes in. I did get the Master off, just took a little bit of time.
Dang dog.
Allan Jacks

Shouldn't be a problem for your dog but I doubt the ring will be any good after that and you probably won't want to use it afterward anyway!

Mine swallowed a piece of pink balloon. Sure made an interesting discovery later on if you get my drift. However, considering some of this modern art stuff I've seen, I probably could have sold it for a few bucks. Naw, into the bin it went!
Clive Reddin


silicone does have the advantage of not taking the paint off when it spills all over the chassis when you're busy bleeding the clutch for the umpteenth time...unless synthetic also does that?

Jeremy 3

That is the only advantage.

But considering all the down sides best be a little carefull whith filling the MC

It realy is not that hard.
Onno Könemann

Im vary partial to castrol LMA... I DONT think its petoral based. But bean oil based, much better for british rubber made before 1976 when they used gum rubber instead of texas gold base to make rubber parts.


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