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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch for 1380 sprint/hillclimb engine


I am currently uprating my sprint/hillclimb engine to 1380 which currently has a 7.5" 'rally' clutch.

I was planning to run a lightened flywheel but as the 'rally' clutch is very heavy I am now thinking that I would not gain a huge benefit from just lightening the existing flywheel.

I have acquired a lightened flywheel but because of the machining on the outer edge of the clutch side it will only work with a standard diameter 1275 clutch. question is what would be a good reliable standard diameter clutch for my application with approx. 100bhp at the wheels.


John Turner (Midget & MGB)

Give John Bridge at a ring. His son Richard races a midget and swears by the clutch he had fitted in his.

Nigel Pratt


Thanks - the clutches mamba sport offer seem similar to

They appear to be the business!

John Turner (Midget & MGB)

I run that set up - highly recommended.
John Collinson

I also run one of John's clutches - he can advise which is best for your use and supply you with an appropriate flywheel - lightened cast iron flywheels get to a point where they are no longer safe...

Call John Bridge... 01793 784720

James Bilsland

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