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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Help

Hi All

I have been having problems with an exceptionally difficult clutch problem detailed in another thread, "Mk II Clutch Woes".

As suggested by Nigel can anyone give a bit of help in checking things out BEFORE I put the engine back in. Is there any way I can check the function of the clutch and the pressure needed to depress it before I put it back together and bleed it?

Thanks again


A Brough


where in the West Mids are you?
bill sdgpm

Hi Bill

I'm in Sheldon Birmingham not far from the airport using airport transfers sevenoaks.
A Brough

mail me
bill sdgpm

send me a contact number, I may be able to get across from Streetly soon

I'll check email in the morning
bill sdgpm

Thanks Bill emailed contact info
A Brough

After a chat with Bill, I felt sure that the new clutch I ordered was all OK. so I put the ebgibe back in.

Thanks for the help Bill very much appreciated.

I then reconnected the slave cylinder and began to bleed it again.

I soon discovered that I was having the same problems again.....

So I disconnected the pipe from the slave and tried to depress the clutch pedal expecting it to be realy easy and push the fluid out.

How wrong I was. The pedal was a little easier but not that much.

Next I removed the pedal box complete with the MC and then I spotted the problem. the movement on the push rod was only about 3/8" before getting resistance.

So I stipped it down to find that althought the brake bore was working finethe clutch bore was extremely difficult to push in. Not sure why so I removed the end plate to see if there was anything obviously wrong, but nothing was apparent, just that the piston was not moving far before I got the resistance.

So I filled the chamber with Dot 4 and worked the the piston in and out the wrong way round with out the spring in until it seemed that I had a smooth movement, then put the spring and piston back in the right way and now I had a much greater range of movement, so I reassemled the end plate.

I have left it on the bench until I get a bit more time to put it all back in the car and try to bleed it again. I feel that this time it will be OK.

I will post back when its all back together.

midgets, dont you just love 'em!!!!

A Brough

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