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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - clutch hydraulics

Correct me if I am wrong but a 1275 Spridget has a 0.75 bore clutch master cylinder and a 0.75 bore clutch slave cylinder.
What could be expected if the Master cylinder, only, was substituted by one with a 0.625 bore.

A Anstead

Wouldn't you shift less fluid for the same pedal travel? So it should be a lighter but possibly not moving enough fluid to operate the clutch.
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

Aye, it would give you a 'long' dead feeling pedal.
Deborah Evans

Or just right for a co-ax conversion.
Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

I took my old Mkll midget single block cylinder pedal box off because it was to sharp on the pedal and fitted the later style pedal box (thanks John!) and this has given me a slightly easier clutch pedal on my concentric slave cylinder.

I would say Daniel has it right.
Bill 1

1275 has an 0.7 inch bore master cylinder and a 1" slave cylinder.

0.625" master cyl would give a 25% longer pedal, but it probably would be enough if everything else was in good nick. Problem is, it usually isn't. In particular, there is quite often wear in the master cylinder clevis pin and/or yoke and/or hole in the top of the pedal. It is not uncommon for this to cause the clutch to only just disengage as the pedal reaches the flor, sometimes not even that.

In addition, when a new driven plate is fitted, the disengagement point is much further towards the floor, so this could also be problematic.
Paul Walbran

Thanks all.
A 0.7 master cylinder is now on order. Alan.
A Anstead

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