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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Hydraulics...Diagnosis?

this has been brewing for a couple of weeks, but this morning after not driving her for about a week I couldn't get the car in gear at all.

The clutch pedal is floppy for about the fist half of it's travel. I've renewed the clevis pin so it's not slop there, and the M/C is moving but I get no movement in the slave cylinder.

It's losing clutch fluid somewhere - I've managed it for a while by topping up regularly, but I've checked and can't seem to find a fluid leak.

My thought is that the slave cylinder seals are weeping. Think I will order a new slave cylinder, but is there anything else I need to consider??

slave, master, hose

that's about it

If it is time to renew one, and all three are of similar age, then it is probably wise to renew all three and avoid re-dos. Bleeding the clutch system on a midget is one of those "never, ever want to have to do that again!" type jobs, unless you've got the engine out, then it is a doodle. There are some clever bleeding arrangements available that you can install with the new parts that help a great deal (theme: move the bleed nipple up where you can easily get to it).

I agree with you, from your description, an internal seal is failing / leaking.

Norm Kerr

x2 Norm

Do it once all new & be done!
Dave Rhine ('78 1500)

Mine was a pin sized hole in the steel pipe (from rust) under the heater box..but thats here in the USA.

So defintly a leak some place...all you can do is get an assintant to pump the pedal and just trace the entire system with the eyebal and a dry finger

I do know they make some dyes that can be added to the fluids, but have never actually seen them on the shelves at the auto parts store.....I dont know that this would work but what about some food red or green mixed into the brake fluid


I agree with Norm also on the difficulty..... If it is a steel line.....

Take MY advice ....use stainless steel hose with AN fittings, it will seem expensive at 1st, but its super cheap in the long run.

If you decide to do the ol "Ill bend it myself brake line" plan on 2-3 days and about (8-10 sticks) of six to eight foot lengths of brake pipe and a totally ticked of mind set at the end of each day, don be surprised if you screw up the 1st stick in under 2 minutes

If you do go the direction of the stainless steel hose with AN fittings....

The price tag is around $75 but it will outlast your 9th generation grandchild, AnD it will only take you about 20 minutes to make and install, plus it has built in "Cool factor" when the bonnets up at the car shows. granted its not concours, But Ill never bend and flare brake pipe agian If I can avoid it.



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