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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch line routing

I could use some pictures of the clutch line on my website. In particular I need some pictures from a 1966 LHD spridget, some from a 67-74 spridget (both LHD and RHD, and some form a 1958-1966 RHD spridget.

This is for a tech article on my website, but also to help me reassemble this late 1965 MG midget I've been working on. Thanks.
S.A. Jones

Welcome back SA

Hows the job front working for you these days

I think a picture that your wanting is going to be difficult at best... the clutch line ran under the heater matrix and along side the battery then fell off the side... very hidden from view

At least that was the case on my 71, very notorious for rusting under the heater matrix because of all.the crud build up next to the pipe

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Well I'm working at zeigler chrysler. It doesnt pay as much as cassidy did but its given me time to think, read, and pray. I've been restoring a 65 midget that belings to a friend and my 71 is still roadworthy. It has a datsun 5 sped so its useless fo rthis project. but I digress. Tomorrow I'm going to talk to the department head about enrolling in Crysler University. Wish Me luck ok?
S.A. Jones

This thread was discussed on 12/11/2014

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