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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Noise

Just got car out from its Winter Hiatis. Just a gentle drive around the neighborhood. Everything seems fine until I stopped and opened up the heater valve on the back of the engine.
Hop back in engage the clutch and I hear a ting ting ting noise when engaging the clutch. Once clutch is disengaged there is no sound but when I push the pedal down there is the sound again once I feel the clutch disengaged. I would have recorded the sound but can't figure out how to on the iPhone.
Car is 1973 1275 midget
Allan Jacks

try taking the car out for a proper drive and fully warm the engine and other parts and components, test all electrics - minimum say of 50 miles then see how it sounds and feels after that
Nigel Atkins

Is there any chance it could be coming from the pedal return spring?

C Bintcliffe

It may be that the ring that holds the thrust pad to the clutch fingers has seperated from the thrust pad and is rattling around inside the fingers. It makes a tinkling sound. The clutch will still operate until such time as the ring positions itself in an obstructive position.
If you get the car up on ramps you can view the clutch through the observation hole opposite the hole for the clutch yoke. This will allow inspection of the carbon thrust (which can break up and fail) and the thrust pad. If you can see the pad and with the yoke pulled back it is off the fingers that would confirm the problem. If it sits on the fingers but can be pulled away with a probe again that is the problem. The cure is simple. The ring is belled onto the inside of the pad so just need realigning and re belling with a punch. Unfortunately getting to it to effect the repair is an engine out job.
Fingers crossed the fault lies elsewhere.
Alan Anstead

This thread was discussed on 31/03/2013

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