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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch operation

Following on from a previous post, I'm working through 'niggle' level problems on my 68 Sprite.
The clutch has always disengaged right at the end of the pedal's travel. Are they meant to be like that? It works reliably (Touch wood) and doesn't loose fluid. The actuating rod on the slave cylinder has been extended at some point in the past.
So, bearing in mind the horror stories I've heard wrt bleeding clutches, and also the fact that I'd like some carpet in the footwell, do I try and improve the pedal action, or do I leave well alone?

M Crossley

Given what you describe, I would suspect wear in the pedal pivot. A small amount of slack here translates into less fluid pumped when you depress the pedal. The real test is does the clutch fully disengage or are the gears difficult ton select, particularly from when stationary?

Maker sure that adding the footwell carpet doesn't foul the pedal and worsen the situation!

Maybe also m/cyl problem... might be worth inspecting and fitting new seals.

Anthony Cutler

Thanks Chaps,
I think, on balance, I'll leave well alone for the moment, on the "if it ain't (yet) broke..." principle.

Guy, at present I'm gathering parts for a type 9 conversion. If I use a concentric slave cylinder, do I still use the standard master cylinder? (Meaning if I was to replace or rebuild mine now, would I be wasting my energy for later?)

Thanks again.
M Crossley

I rather thought from your original question that you were being cautious about upsetting the hydraulic! Which is partly why I suggested the pedal pivot. It is a simple "non invasive" check to make.

When I did my concentric slave conversion retained the same master cylinder. In my case on a 1971 1275 car.

I used the original hydraulics with my Aseries T9 conversion; and now have cable operation with my K.

The concentric slave conversions for both A and K appear to cause a goodly number of problems.

External operation of clutch arm is easier to diagnose and fix. KISS principle.

Anthony Cutler

The concentric slave conversions for both A and K appear to cause a goodly number of problems"
Mine was a DIY conversion (with helpful advice from Bill) and has worked perfectly since installed. Must have done 30,000 on it by now.

However, your KISS principle comment is correct - if it did ever go wrong it would be an engine out job to fix it!

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