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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch pipe to rubber line to clutch slave

Ok, 1970 midget 1275. Any body have trouble with the moss rubber lines that go from the clutch masters steel pipe to the clutch slave? I am having the worst
time trying to get the rubber line to thread on the pipe. Im not a novice to repairing this area on MGs but am having a terrible time in this case. Any one have a trick to share or know about a manufacturing defect I should be aware of before I lose my mind.....Maybe its to late already! Ha ha ha :-(
Steven Devine

I have had one where the thread was not chased properly so would not fit.
Alan Anstead

Hey Alan! thanks for the suggestion. I was able to thread it on when every thing was apart. Now that its all in position I just dont seem to be able to get the right angle it together! AAAAAAHHHHHH....

Im going to take a break. Im always amazed at how much time goes by while I get nothing done!

Ha ha ha:-)
Steven Devine

These things are sent to try us!
Alan Anstead

In the UK, I would buy brake hoses off the shelf and rarely had any issues. Now I'm here in Australia, my business (the Classic Car Clinic on the Gold Coast) bought a brake hose manufacturing business… Now I can make any length of flexible hose with any fitting combination.. It make life a lot easier.. :-)

M T Boldry

Ahhhhh, Just destroyed the metal pipe thats my reward for wasting the afternoon. Still cant get the freakin end to thread into the hose. Im off to the auto store for some line...2 minute job has know taken 10hrs

Yes I should have bought a brake line bussiness too!
Steven Devine

So wheres the best place to get clutch line from? Moss?
Steven Devine

don't be a tight git all your life take a day off buy and fix a Goodridge clutch hose - don't let the Dennys influence keep it's hold on you!

has he sold it yet or is it back rusting away in the garage - me cynical, no, been around for a few years and seen it before, yes
Nigel Atkins

Nigel - 1

Steve - 0

Deny - Not involved

Tut tut Nigel!Thats bad form!
Steven Devine

Nigel.... thats not fair,

Only the guy that open/close the bonnet on dennys car.would know if fhe hose was bad.....hahaha

Hard to belive that feasico was a year ago

Seriously steven.... try a speed shop or a good independant parts store....and get a stainless steel braided hose on Air craft AN fittings

Take your hardware with you to match up the threads

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

DOH... I just remembered,

The clutch master fitting is a really screwed up wierd size fitting, I dont even think avialable in the usa

You have to use the old nut ... cut off the new, and reflare the pipe

I dont recall a rubber hose on the master to slave clutch assembly

You can get hoses pro made at tractor, simi truck and heavy eqquipment repair shops

Orielys auto parts stores makes custom made hoses... at least my home town store makes them... I dont know about there quality...but id say its hard to screw up a simple hose like the clutch hose

I too spent alot of time (like 10hrs +) bending brake line and flaring pipe for my old clutch... I finally hit total pissed off level 5 and bite the bullet and made the SS hose with AN fittings and was done in 20 was worth it.

Good luck

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Do they make a british fine thead in A N Fittings?

(Hard to belive that feasico was a year ago)

It does seem longer! We should celebrate it yearly like these people in egremont England! Yaa hoo!
Steven Devine

I can make all the brake lines its just the stupid clutch being a different size makes it a bear. Mine was too rotted out to be safe. Im just pissed off because I should have known better. Ive wasted a lot of time over something that shouldnt be this hard to fix.
Steven Devine

Im assuming you have lost that clutch master fitting ???

Im using really old memory cells.... I dumpped my old lucas clutch and for modern day tilton set up several years back

If you did get rid of that nut, try these guys, ive always had the best luck with them having my parts... the negitive is you haave to call them several times to deliver as they are so busy

Jon the owner is a cool guy and the owner for the past 20 years...he is a real true brit...there located in arlinton texas

Good luck

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I just had a thought....Haha

Maybe you can use dennys... hes probably not using it....heck, he probably dosnt even kow what it is


Sorry I couldnt resist

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

I wish I had denys clutch pipe! The one on his car was perfect....Maybe I can adapt an mgb pipe to fit?
Steven Devine

I wish I had denys clutch pipe! The one on his car was perfect....Maybe I can adapt an mgb pipe to fit?
Steven Devine

I wish I had denys clutch pipe! The one on his car was perfect....Maybe I can adapt an mgb pipe to fit?
Steven Devine

Steven, your not in kansas

Dont forget to hand job toto, and snap your heels togather also 3 times....before making your wish

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

<<Maybe you can use dennys... hes probably not using it>>

Lucky people haven't thought that about your car Prop. You would have nothing left of it by now - just maybe a cylinder head.
Guy W

yes but Prop didn't sponge his parts or work ;)
Nigel Atkins


In all fairness to denny, I could have learned something from him, I shoud have tried to moouch the work on my head and had the engine up and running 2.5 years ago

That denny, he really is a smart kid

;-) ;-) ;-)

Prop and the Blackhole Midget


I had to go to the car guru Steve Mackay.... !
He is a great resource for making the impossible possible! Thanks again Steve!

Went down to his place and he pulled out all the stops and had a stock line made up with in 10 minutes!

The pipe fitting that connects to the rubber line was spread out. It wouldnt fit inside the rubber line.

Steve cought it right away. He replaced it and alls good now! The original line was rusty trash so all needed to be replaced!

Now if I can just keep from destroying it during the install and bleed it out Ill probably find out it needs all new clutch components!

Even though I went to the trusty BBS for answers I finally got straightened out here in my own back yard!

I do thank you guys for helping me along my way!
Entertainment factor alone is worth it! That goes for all of us here at the bbs!

Prop I feel like that special character from the wizard of OZ straight from Kansas! Dorothy!

(Ive left my self open for ridicule, but I can take it!) :-)

(I just feel like her not dressing or acting like her) Ha ha ha!:-)

As Dorothy would say" There no place like home" I was even able to get the job done without wearing red ruby slippers!

So though slogging threw finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

Trusting this good news finds you all well! Happy happy day! Ha ha ha !


So much mucking about for something that should have taken 5 minutes!

Oh yes! God bless Deny!

I cant believe how popular he is!

Almost a rock starr here on the BBS! Im sure he appreciates it where ever he is! :-)
Steven Devine

Dennys is probably selling pregnancy testing kits to the residents of old folks homes

I can't believe I'm doing this with my very slight grasp of these things but as I've noticed you've put this before - threw is as in throwing, you mean through :)

I've got a mate who's spelling is so bad I'm one of the few that knows what he means because my spelling and grandma is so bad too
Nigel Atkins

Id be more impressed if you could make a proper clutch line by hand and send it to me. (It would have to work!)

You can spell it whatever way you like....
Ha ha ha! :-)
Steven Devine

Hahaha... I only mentioned OZ because of a bbs tech glitch that had you posting the same thing.3 times

Congratz on the hose/pipe.... its the stupid stuff like this that just makes my teeth break from gritting

I once spent 3 hours lookijg for one little copper crush washer and that was a long day

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Yes, Ive shared that experience!

I didnt see I posted three times until I had already responded in the next post.

I laughed when I saw what happened. I could see where you went with it. Not bad!

At least you didnt have Nigel pecking you to death about your spelling!

(Just an observation Nigel. Relax... no need to release the hounds!)
Steven Devine

The samsung galaxy note 2 has a very nice built in spell correct feature....

And its almost worn out


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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