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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Plate

Can anyone tell me which way round the clutch plate fits on a 1500 midget. I'm busy changing it but I can't remember which face is towards the flywheel. It seems to fit either way and there are no markings on the new plate. I've already binned the old one. The centre sprung plate is more proud on one side than the other so ther must be a 'right' way - confused and feeling a bit silly!!
Andrew Dunn

I have mine on the garage floor - give me a little time and I will post a pic for you..
John Barber

Not changed a 1500 but I would expect the same issues as with the 1275.

If you install the friction plate the wrong way around then the springs in the plate hit the flywheel before the friction surface marries with the flywheel surface and it is therefore obvious which way round it should be fitted.

If you look at the plate from the edge one side is higher than the other and the higher side is towards the clutch pressure plate.
Bob Turbo Midget England

This is a photobucker pictur eof the friction plate and pressure still on the engine.

The clutch plate has a raised centre hub on one side - this faces the gearbox side from what I can see in the end of mine - which seems to line up with Bobs comments above.

See pic below - this sided faces out towards Gearbox ...

John Barber

Thanks fellas - that's perfect, I can put it all back together now with the confidence that I won't need to remove it all again to swap it around.
Andrew Dunn

This thread was discussed on 15/01/2012

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