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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch Problem

Hi all, I am new to this forum...I have an MG midget 1500, 1976. I have recently replaced the slave cylinder and noticed that I had to pump the clutch pedal a couple of times to get 1st gear. I thought it was the master, so replaced it. now, when engine is started, I can not get any gear. I have put her in first and started her up (depressing the clutch) on ignition and then driven her up the ramps, but can not get any other gears....i have used the conventional pump the clutch to bleed her, but still no good....any ideas??

Ian Noden

Try withdrawing the slave cylinder and pushing in the actuating shaft. Whilst holding the piston fully in gently rebleed in the normal manner.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Or bleed again with gunsons easibleed. Worked for me first time - 1275 engine though.

Good luck
D Brown

Hi Ian. Did you resolve this problem.....I have a similar problem in my 1275 midget
G Dunn

It may not be your problem, but I recently changed both the clutch and brake master cylinders for new ones and I had to pump the pedal for a good few minutes in each case before the internal seals bedded in and gave me enough pressure to bleed them.
Since then all has been well.

If you haven't tried it give the pedal a minute or two of pumping and then bleed again, and see if it helps.
JB Anderson


Bleeding the clutch is an absolute pain in the ar*e. I went through nightmares with mine earlier this year.

You've not made it clear whether you've checked that the slave cylinder is not the source of you problems...fold back the rubber boot and have a look inside. If it's wet then that suggests the seals in the slave cylinder have had it and will need replacing.

I eventually got the clutch bled using an eesibleed - I found you need to slowly pump the pedal at the same time; and despite the fluid looking clear, if you don't have a good pedal keep going - the bubbles will be pushed through eventually. And raising the rear of the car seemed to help, too.

Hope that's of some help...



I've said this a number of times on the MGB board and I presume it will work on Midgets too, but I have had great success with reverse bleeding using an Eezibleed.

Start with the master cylinder empty.

Half fill the Eezibleed bottle with fresh fluid. Find some tubing that will allow the exit from the bottle to be connected to the slave bleed nipple.

Connect the other bottle connection to a tyre valve with only around 5 psi pressure, certainly not more than 10 psi.

Undo the bleed nipple a little. The fluid will slowly enter the system from the bottom, pushing the air in front of it, instead of trying to force the air to go against the laws of nature.

Get up and watch inside the master cylinder. After a short while you will see the fluid entering the reservoir from the bottom. When it is about half full, dive back under and shut the bleed valve.

I have used this technique several times and have achieved full operation immediately on the first attempt every time. Don't forget to top up the master.

I wish I could claim credit for this, but I read it on a BBS a long time ago.
Mike Howlett

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