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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - clutch problem

new to all this ive got an 79 midget went out in it other day and while driving up hill recounter went up but car went no faster been told its a slipping clutch is this an easy job to replace any advise would be appreciated if not doea anyone know cost of having a garage do work many thanks
david salt

Hard luck - a garage will want about 650 as the engine has to come out to replace the clutch. Make sure you fit a new clutch release bearing at the same time.
M J Chapman

cheers for that great news eh
david salt

Hi David
Most of the cost is labour, if you can get hold of or hire a hoist you should be able to do it yourself. Parts would be less than 100 i would think.Maybe take it out one weekend and replace it the following week. I have taken my engine out within an hour of driving it in to the garage.
Plenty of help on ythis BBS if you need it.
C Bintcliffe

many thanks for that info much appreciated may be an option
david salt

Hi, welcome,

if you've not already got one then buy, read and keep a copy of the Driver's Handbook it wont really help with this problem but will tell you a lot of what you need to know on your car and help to prevent some other problems - it's not a Workshop Manual although you can also buy paper or electronic reprints of that (better than the Haynes)

Ref: 0058 -

electonic version with factory Workshop Manual and Parts Catalogue -

workshop manuals for repairs and Handbook for prevention

enjoy your car
Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 01/03/2013

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