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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - clutch problems

Can anyone shed light on my problems!
having trouble getting into gear not very smooth, one friend said the clutch is not fully releasing, I have a bit too much pedal travel, but I don't think I can adjust this, my fluid level is good can't see any leaks anywhere, any suggestions as what to look at next, someone yesterday suggested bleeding at the Slave cylinder!
glad of any help cheers.

Great day yesterday at the Hursley (hampshire) MG cobweb run, weather superb, great turnout, lots of really nice cars, not all MG's this was well organised, with good food and a jazz band at lunch.

can't wait for next run in midget in this spring like weather, need to fix clutch problems first,

chhers Jack.
Jack New Forest

It is worth trying to bleed the slave, as they may have been a gradual build up of air over time. This will give a long(er) spongy pedal and may not fully disengage the clutch. If the problem remains after bleeding, then your clutch may be coming to the end of it's life if it used to work ok.
S Overy

Sounds like you need to bleed the system to me. Air in the system would certainly give you a spongy clutch pedal due to the air bubbles being compressed.
C Carter

bleeding the slave cylinder is probably one of the most awkward things to do Jack. If you've not done it before search the forums, there's lots of helpful advice there that might save you lots of time as well as cuts and foul language!
DW Warren

This thread was discussed on 08/03/2011

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