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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch slave cylinder

The hydraulic connections on my 1275 track car are opposite to that shown on the Moss website - ie the [remote] bleed is connected to the end of the cylinder and the input [from master cylinder] is on the side of the cylinder. As it works fine I am guessing its not critical but would be interested in any comments.

Doug Plumb


Did you have any trouble bleeding it?

Lawrence Slater

Having read of the difficulty of bleeding the system I was hesitant in breaking into the hydraulic system. However, after I removed the engine & g/box I identified that the braided flexible hose for the remote bleeder was damaged and required replacement. Also, after struggling to remove the slave cylinder I wanted to slot the top lug to aid refitting [and future removal].

I bit the bullet and disconnected the input hose. After slotting the lug, I replaced the remote bleed hose. With the engine & g/box back in the car I easily refitted the cylinder and then bled the system without problems.
Doug Plumb

Well it sounds then, like you've proved it doesn't matter where the feed/bleed goes.
Lawrence Slater

This thread was discussed on 23/12/2015

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