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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch slave cylinder bleeding

Just about to replace the clutch slave cylinder.
I've read some varied reviews of the eezibleed that uses air from the spare tyre. Does it fit the reservoir ok? (1970 build separate clutch master cyl.)
Has anyone any recommendations on this? Or is there a better alternative?
Dominic Excell

hi yes the eazibleed comes with several reservoir caps so you should be ok. I used mine for my clutch and only took a couple of minutes to bleed
rgds tony...btw I used a non chinese cylinder
a boyle

Do as it says in the instructions. Try first without fluid to make sure it seals ok. I didn't and got a nice shower of brake fluid over the drivers side inner wing. Speedy applications of copious water with a hose limited any paint damage.

Also, the slave cylinder is notorious for hanging on to a few air bubbles. I resorted to using a welding clamp to hold the slave cylinder pushrod fully back. Before doing that I had made several attempts to bleed it, all resulting in the clutch not quite disengaging. When I used the welding clamp I got 2 small bubbles out and the clutch was then perfect. Don't forget to take the clamp of!!!!

Rob aka MG Moneypit

a watering can without the rose and a few wet rags can help in panic situations
Nigel Atkins

There is plenty in the old threads about this. I had same problem recently when putting together my 1972 midget with Datsun A15 motor & 5 speed box using the original MG slave cylinder. Tried all things - easy bleed etc, even forcing fluid with a pump from the slave end. What worked for me in the end was very simple and quick. Got myself one of those modern push bike tyre pumps - small thing about 8 or 9 inches long all guys carry when out on their skinny tyred bikes these days. Un-screwed the pump fitting that pushes on to the valve stem. Took the round plastic bit in top of clutch master cylinder lid out to expose the breather hole. Made a soft washer - I used a bit of leather just cause it was on the work bench at time. Bang a hole on the centre of washer and sit this on top of the master cylinder lid. With easy bleed on the slave bleeder, put the pump over the hole on master cylinder lid with a bit of downward pressure to make an air tight seal and then give 3 or 4 pumps. As soon as I did this I had a drop in the master cylinder fluid level. topped up and did the process another 3 times - tightened bleed screw, and tried the clutch - perfect. Whole job took about two minutes whereas the day before I had spent about six frustrating hours with no result and heaps of mess - I hate brake fluid. Try it - good luck. Cheers DC.

D R Cook

You can also jack the front of the car up high to make the air bulbbles rise to the front faster

Also I just use a length of clear tubing going from the slave zerk to the reservoir of the master and slowly pump the peddle until no more bubbles are seen in the clear tubing...then tighten the zerk and good to go

Just make sure the tube is always submerged into the master fluid at all times

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Car jacked up as high as it would go - gunsons Eezibleed - half an hour of playing about after fitting the new one in place (yes, I slotted the top bolt hole) and I now have a fully working clutch!
The old one was in a foul condition - no wonder it failed!
Thanks again for your comments chaps.
Dominic Excell

nice one Dominic, happy New Years driving :-)
Dave Warren

Congrats Dom,

Getting that air out can be a real challange sometimes

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

worked really well Prop. I woke up in the night thinking "damn b*gger b*ll*cks f**k etc etc" as I realised I'd left the copper washer off between the narrow steel braid sheathed hose and the slave cyl. I was thinking it was the same seal as to the copper / kunifer pipes. Wrong.
This morning saw me on the floor yet again, removed the cylinder (easy job with a 9/16" spanner as I'd slotted the top bolt hole) and within 30 mins it was refitted, and the system re-bled (which took precisely 1 minute of actual bleeding) I could recommend this system to anyone.
Clutch feels better than ever before in my ownership.
Dominic Excell

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