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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Clutch slipping

Yet another clutch issue, seems they're common on here at present!
I've noticed in my 1979 1500 midget that there is the occasional slip whilst in 4th gear. This has happened 3 times in the last couple of days and once in 3rd gear. The 4th gear slips have been at engines revs approaching 3000 and above; 2 whilst accelerating, 1 cruising. The slip in 3rd was about 3500 revs, under acceleration. I have the standard 4 speed box.
I'm guessing that the clutch plate is on the way out. Are there other possible causes for these symptoms? Is this something that I need to attend to asap? Its rare that I need to travel over 3000 revs in 4th, so can I delay the repair until it becomes more frequent? Funds very tight at present (non-existent, actually) and its not something I can do myself (no engine hoist, no garage; carport with gravel drive only).
I've had the car for 4 years, currently done 120K miles; approx. 40K of those in the last 4 years. Never had any clutch/gearbox issues (other than the occasional grind down-changing from 3rd to 2nd) during that time.
S Travis

Yep clutch I'm afraid, if you drive it real easy (especially up hills) you might get a few weeks out of it, they usually just gradually get worse. Always change down very early for any acceleration or hills and try to avoid hill starts.
Alan McKewan

I drive with a slippy clutch but that's due to oil from the rear engine seal which I will fix some day.

If there is no contamination then you have worn down the lining and it needs replacement. Soonish. Preferably before the flywheel gets scored.

Dave Squire 1500

Just an odd ball outside thought, throw some spaghetti on the wall and see what sticks

Theres a decent chance of oil on the plate from trans or engine, I doulbt theres any thing to loose with spray rattle can of brake cleaner thur the inspetion grommet

You got a car port ?.. your 1/2 way there...strap some belts from the cieling or ask around, theres lots of people storing china made engine lifts

You can barrow mine, but with a catch... you have to store it for me for free for a year, me, some people are more then willing to loan these away for a year or more to free up garage just have to ask around


Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Something which I encountered before but I don't think is relevent to you, but still worth mentioning:

I had te clutch pedal partially sieze on the pinion shaft. When I released the clutch pedal, this made it slow to return and caused the clutch to slip.
G Williams

thanks guys, I was afraid of that. Any idea how long the job should take an experienced MG mechanic?
Thanks for the offer Prop; if you're willing to pay the freight from Missouri to Australia and back, then I'll happily store your engine lift for a year!
S Travis

Sure...if fact ive got a friend thats a nigerian prince... very wealthy, he had to leave his contry during a que da taunt, he can write you a check.on my bealf....hahaha

A good mechanic thats worked a spridget before start to finish id think 3 hours top of the master mechanics lists, andbprobably 6-8 hours for bottom rung of the food chain ladder

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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