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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Coil Change

I am about to change my very old coil to a nice new one it is a 1979 1500 midget. I have fitted a POWERSPARK 45D electronic ignition kit and wanted to get an uprated coil maybe the Lucas sport(DLB110)or the AccuSpark Blue Ballast Sports Ignition coil, has anyone got this electronic ignition kit with 1 of these coils? Are they any better than the original coil. Many thanks.
n Allen

A coil will produce, within its capabilities, a sufficiently high voltage to cause a spark to happen. With good wires, good (and clean) spark plugs, and a proper fuel/air mixture, this sparking voltage is about 11K volts at cruise and idle, and may run as high as 17K-18K volts under full throttle acceleration. In other words, the factory, 20K volt coil is more than sufficient for most driving needs. A coil capable of producing a higher output voltage, like the Lucas 40K volt "Sports Coil", offers a potential to produce the higher voltage but will not produce this voltage unless it is needed, and it might only be needed under severe rally and racing conditions--if then.

If most of the more expensive "super coils" were to actually operate at anything near their claimed (potential) output voltage levels, it would be quite interesting to observe what happens to the rest of the high tension ignition system--the rotor, cap, and HT leads, not to mention what the smallest amount of grime on the outside of the plug would do. (Normally, a build up of grime on the outside if the plug can lead to the plug shorting out, on the external surface, rather than firing within the cylinder.)

There are/may be some problems with the current crop of Lucas Sports Coils. There was a recent thread on the MGA board about this, including a photo of a Sports Coil with the top blown out of it when in use.

What every coil you use should be a "12 Volt for use with external resistor" type--your RB Midget uses the reduced voltage input to the coil after the engine has started and the ignition switch has been moved to the run position from the start position.

I would not waste my money on a "High Output Coil" because I realize that I will never have need of such capability. The standard coil will handle the voltage needs of the spark plugs under almost all conditions and, under the very few conditions where more than 20K volts are actually needed, the high tension ignition system will have to be carefully monitored and parts replaced more frequently than with a standard coil operating at normal system levels.

But, the super coils do look neat and, like aluminum (aluminium) rocker arm covers, do have a place for some people simply because of how they look.

Just my two pence. Les
Les Bengtson

The lucas sport coils are not that expensive and so far been reliable in 4 cars for many miles for me.
Other cheaper ones have given me lot's of trouble
Onno Könemann

hi allan! i fitted and accuspark dizzy and accuspark red coil last month and its been great, although is was on a 1275 midget. oh plus it looks nice to!

s j knox

Often, it is not that there is a problem with the coil, but just that they don't "match" with the new systems, therefore, it is easier to replace the coil AND distributor together - preferably from the same supplier - that way they can't blame the other one!!!

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