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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Coilovers for front

Hi Lads
Apologies for probably going over old ground but some research indicates that a coilover will fit between the top bump stop mounting and a modified (extended down) spring plate at the bottom
These guys generally service the "Rodders" but the available spring sizes, rates and damping options surely will accomodate a midget.
Any thoughts??
R W Bowers

I explored this option and realized that to have the needed travel the shock mounting plate must be moved, then you'd be required to fabricate a new upper control arm.
Trevor Jessie

My Frontline syspension places the shock absorber vertical behind the A-arms. If I go to wider tires they will certainly rub the inner tire on a sharp turn. I've been thinking of ways to either modify the Frontline kit or build my own upper A-arm to work off a push-rod suspension.

My engine is about 5 inches behind the stock motor mounts, so there is plenty of room to work this out. The shocks would be horizontal to the ground and perpendicular to the radiator. No long push rods or complicated lever-cams to align. Shock efficiency could be worked out to be 100%. And if I use an adjustable coil-over I'll be able to adjust the ride height and damper settings from under the bonnet. Plus with the coil-over, that will reduce un-sprung weight by removing the spring and spring perch from the lower A-arm.

I was thinking of modding the upper A-arm or build a new one to fit an adjustable rod end. That will allow me to set the camber more precisely.

I'm planning to have this assembly be bolt-on requiring minimal, if any, modifications to the chassis. So much to do before working on this though.

Did you see the "MG Midget pushrod rear suspension test" on Youtube? The way it's set up makes it a bit conspicuous. I would have hidden it under the car. If you use long push rods and lever cams, you can install the shocks almost anywhere.


a mate thought about adding to the (spit) FL front suspension set up an earlier Ford Mondeo (Contour / Mercury Mystique) front parts to do away with the king pins and get the Ford front brakes

and even discussed it with the l*ing b*stard at FL before we knew what they were like
Nigel Atkins


Get off the fence!

Dan Cusworth

I wish I was on the fence then I could fall on them :)
Nigel Atkins

Gday lads
Rotary dude, you have the luxury of space behind the engine mounts etc which is what stopped me from considering inboard shocks with all the advantages you so accurately described. This is definitely the sexiest way to go.
Trevor, yes the top shock has to go (yea) and be replaced by an infinitely superior triangulated a-arm, with adjustement. the extra space needed for the coilover can be found under the lower arm when the new bottom coilover mount is fabricated. It's good that I love making things out of metal this is not a chore this is a pleasure.
Nigel, "(spit) FL front suspension set up an earlier Ford Mondeo (Contour / Mercury Mystique) front parts to do away with the king pins and get the Ford front brakes"
What was the main impediment to proceeding with this?
R W Bowers

Nigel, hard to think of a GOOD word to say about them, perhaps iniquitous.
J Austerfield

J Austerfield,
iniquitous, yes it could certainly be used about them but Iím not sure it conveys the deliberateness of their deceit in their thoughts and actions
(TBH I had to look up the meaning of your word)

what stopped it was that my mate didnít have the time and I havenít a clue, my mate can get access to engineering machinery and if needed skills whereas Iím dangerous with a spanner Ė I think the idea was to put the parts on complete with hub and brakes and it just required something simple to be altered

AND SORRY JUST REALISED JUST NOW I PROBALY MEAN A FORD SIERRA (MERKUR, P100) as it was RWD and not the Mondeo as that was FWD, sorry I am very old and it was four years ago
Nigel Atkins

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