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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Component weights

Someone on here, sorry can't remember who, has an obsession with the weight of things on a midget

Same as a lot of hobbies and interests inexplicable to the majority who themselves enjoy common hobbies that bore others to tears

So just about to put out my old car horns for metal recycling and thought I'd weight them for this chap (it's never going to be a woman is it)

Original (?) low tone horn without mounting brackets or screws but possiblly with a thin coating of muck and/or waxoyl

719 grams on a usually quite accurate weighting scale

I didn't weight the high tone - there is a limit

Still about 1.5kg just on the horns who have thought

The modern cheap replacements were much lighter (to handle, unmeasured)
Nigel Atkins

We're not quite obsessed with weighing individual items, but we are always on the hunt for kg's as opposed to grams.

We lost approx 3-4 kg in our alloy engine backplates alone :D this almost makes up for the weight difference in the toyota box over the midget one.

Anything we can re-engineer lighter, we are doing so whilst being stronger or more durable in the process.

All for the lighter, stronger and more durable

but hunting for power to weight savings sometimes goes a bit silly when you consider driver (and passenger) weights and liquids such as beer are quite heavy let alone full meals :)
Nigel Atkins


Without wanting to out-do Prop in the ability to lower the tone - there is nothing a good poo cant sort out ;)

I do agree though - when I was racing Karts for the RAF we would actually starve ourselves for a week prior to an event to shed weight, then have a big slap up meal and a ton of redbull on the lead up to the races.

Wouldnt begin a race without a poo though :P

Peter, I was going to put that some could burp a good weight saving but would never have lower the tone to such a base area as yourself

some of you racing guys are fanatics

I got flagged to let a faster kart by as I was near the back, I let him by but thought if you're racing surely you should hold him up, but oh, well it's only a fun night out with a (road) car club

End of the race he was just so full of himself and letting everyone know, he was part of a team with matching suits we were mainly novices first times

So next race I turned pro and knocked him off the track on the last lap in 'an accident', turns out the heavily loaded vehicle is more stable

Don't know if I was flagged for that, didn't bother looking

His team won of course by miles, he or one of his team mates wheel spun their BMW up the public road after leaving, in celabration or frustration I don't know he said nothing to me about 'the accident' and had to shake my hand

I didn't feel bad about 'the accident'
Nigel Atkins

I am still interested in what the 1500 rubber bumper assemblies each weigh!

If, someday, someone will weigh them for me.

Norm "curious" Kerr
Norm Kerr

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