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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Compression Testing

I wanted to check the compression on my 1500 midget however there are no carbs or exhaust manifold on the block dont think this should make a difference?

I have a gunson compression tester and cant seem to get it to rise at all think this maybe faulty as no reading on all 4?

My question is should I just crack on and pull the engine anyway as I am needing to change the clutch release bearing or wait until I have an accurate test? I was going to send the head of for new valve seats and converting to unleaded? (not sure how much this would be if anyone has a ball park figure on this?)

C Carter

Do you have access to another car?

Try the tester on that, then you can decide if you have a problem on the 1500.
Lawrence Slater

I dont have access to another one but I am borrowing another tester tonight so hopefully that will help me resolve the issue.
C Carter

No carbs and no exhaust will make no difference. In fact, the test should always be with the throttle wide open so no carbs is ideal.
Chris H (1970 Midget 1275)

This thread was discussed on 12/01/2012

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