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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Console--Pain in the knee

At 6 ft tall the "audio" console seems to have been engineered to beat the hell out of my knee. Don't care about the radio, has anyone fabricated a mini unit to keep the switches or is there perhaps a "kit" out there somewhere. Don't want to get into major surgery so when I become the oh so beloved PO the folks behind me can easily get things back to stock if they choose.
Ideas? pics?
Bob Ketcham

Hi Bob, I have fabricated a smaller console to house a clock and 3 toggle switches. I plan on installing the radio in a housing behind the seats. This doesn't affect legroom at all (I'm a 5'11").

I don't have access to any pics at the moment but can upload one if you're interested.

Mark Whitmore

Love to see it and a pattern if you've got one. With all the ipod, Pandora, blue tooth smart phone apps etc I don't see any need for an old school radio, just USB outs in the cig lighter to drive it all. Engine and road noise are still my favorite music in the midget.
Bob Ketcham


The easist, fastest, and inexpensive is converting the dash from a midget to a austin healy sprite.... its the same car... but they dont have the "audio" box, and it can be easily converted back... some smartphone pics of dis assembly and your in business... yeah its a pain, doing what your proposing is alot worse, its not near as simple as you might think

Having revamped and converted my box into a 10 gauge consel... I can completely assure you, it didnt take 2 weekends and $50 to create, but I love my new box alot and was worth the time, hassle and money spent

As to the radio... I tossed my radio in favor of my smartphone, I got 2... 6X9 great speakers with a power amp hooked up to them,

but here is the trick you have to use a mini amp to power the big amp to push the speakers... a car radio pushes around 4-5 volts to the speakers, where as the phone only pushes out 1/2 or .5 volts... so it will sort of power the speakers very similar sound quality to a crystal in used tuna can from a 1971 cub scout den project... if you can remember those days

So for decent sound you need need the mini amp to boost the voltage to power a bigger amp to push the speakers

Ill.see if I can post a pick of my 10 gauge box

But I really think the answer your looking for is an american austin healy dash that dosnt use the audio box

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

Hi Bob, have attached the best pic I have. Unfortunately I don't have a pattern but could take some measurements if required

I will be fabricating a radio housing for the rear shelf and will run an Ipod/MP3 lead under my armrest (MGB one with the front gear surround part removed) and will have it poking through into the ashtray where the Ipod/MP3 player will plug in and it will stay in the same place and be easy to see etc.


Mark Whitmore

And a close up

Mark Whitmore

Mark, hope your well, where did you get the MGB armrest with no gearstick surround?(made for the American market or early cars I think) I have been after one for a while now but they seem rare as chickens teeth.
Rob Newton

Hi Rob, I'm good thanks (apart from my car being in bits and missing all the summer driving!!)
Hope you and your car are both in good health!

The MGB armrest was a UK one that had the gear surround attached but it was broken so I got it for a good price and removed the triangular gear surround leaving just the armrest/ashtray part.

Mark Whitmore

Some people cut the top off the box, and raise the bottom up. They then insert a plate into the radio opening to hold whatever switches or guages they desire.
Trevor Jessie

My effort, ally front and plywood sides. 6ft tall and no calluses on knee!

S Holt

Thanks all, knew I wasn't the first owner who was "too tall" good stuff to ruminate on, expect to approach it like John Browning and consider the simplest solution as the best. Glorious New England weekend past, burned some fuel and eyed that console with evil intent.
Bob Ketcham

Those pictures illustrate something I noticed about Midget dashes yesterday. The MG badge is unnecessary and creates asymmetry.

On my Sprite, the badge is on the left side of the dash. Subtle and adequate, I think.

On the Midget, the badge is to the left of centre, above the g/box tunnel. It looks wrong to me.

I noticed it when refixing the daft little courtesy light back onto the dasboard (which I have off the car at present). With the light centred over the tunnel, and the badge above it, off centre, it looks grotty. The MG badge is somewhat overkill anyway. With an MG gear knob and horn push, how many times do you need to be reminded that you are driving an MG?

If I was keeping the car for any length of time, I get rid of both the daft light, and the MG badge.

You can see why a Sprite, will always be superior to a Midget :).

Back to the thread. LOL.
Lawrence Slater

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