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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Copper washers on brake bits

Evening all,

Just a quicky (makes a change for me!). When dismantling my car I was pretty lazy and chopped all the brake pipes and scrapped them as I decided I would replace them when I rebuilt.

When rebuilding my pedal box I found out (after I chucked the old one, oops!) that the banjo bolt connector at the master cylinder was surprisingly expensive (approx

Malcolm Le Chevalier

I'm not sure what you are trying to achieve here, with the T... is it not exactly the same as before but now split into 2 feeds?

Also I'm not familiar with banjos being used at the master cylinder. Mine has a normal 3/8 male union.

If you are joining non tapered threads together then I would use a copper washer... it can't hurt.

C L Carter

The feed is split into two coming out the master cylinder. Right goes to front right brake, left goes to other three via a couple more Ts.

Malcolm Le Chevalier

Christian - Malcolm's car has the early dual-line system using a banjo, just before BL introduced the tandem-piston master cylinder.
David Smith

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