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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cork seal (steering) advice neded

Hi all,

I've been refurbishing and painting front suspension components and, to free a rusted-in cotter pin, I applied some heat and the cork seals caught fire (they needed replacing anyway). My question is; which ones do I need? Moss lists a 'large' and a 'small' cork seal but mentions no dimensions. Do I need one of each per side or will my '77 midget 1500 use only one size? Are they different thicknesses or different diameters for other versions of the spridget?

hope someone knows,

best wishes,

Nick Nakorn


My corks lasted about 10 minutes after installation...I used flat washers the same size, and no issues so far...many years later

Prop and the Blackhole Midget

One small and one large per side. Many people visit the plumbing section in their hardware store and find appropriately sized pipe endcap gaskets made of rubber.
Trevor Jessie

Many thanks Trevor and Prop - I'll give the cork ones a try but your suggestion are very helpful; cork does seem a rather poor material for a suspension seal and if they fall apart I'll try another material.
Nick Nakorn

If you soak the cork in oil overnight it will last muchlonger.
Flip Brühl

I've had some success with pipe lagging cut too big to fit in the gap. fitting it is a bit of a challenge but it works nicely to keep the rubbish out.
Rob Armstrong

Flip, a great tip - I'll do it. Cheers Rob.
Nick Nakorn

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