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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Corner weights

Does anyone (eg racers) have any corner weight details of their Sprite/midget they'd be prepared to share? The weights can be just the car or with the driver seated and actual weights or percentages front to rear and left to right.

Daniel Stapleton

It was back in 2007, race ready with 4galls fuel, no driver.
LF 166kg
RF 153
LR 177.5
RR 200
David Smith

Thanks David.

Mine has a heavier front bias to yours with just over 50% over the front wheels but with me in the car it drops to just under 50% over the front wheels.

Left to right bias on my car is similar to yours until I sit in the car.

Am I going to have a think about what and how I can bring up the weight on the left rear.
Daniel Stapleton

think the left rear is always light due to the offset fuel tank. You could move the battery there, or if you carry any tools or other gear, position accordingly. Or fit a spacer plate between the left rear spring bracket and the boot floor. 5mm might do it.
David Smith

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Prop and the Blackhole Midget

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