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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cosworth Midget

Hi guys

Hope you all had a great xmas and new year , thanks for all of the ideas ref flaring wheel arches on my last thread apologies i didnt get chance to update it.

After getting my daily driver mot yesterday it turns out that the midget would pass with an advisory as is so thats good but i will probably roll the arches at the top to make look better.

I have finally managed to take some pics of progress , next job is to order the fibreglass flip front and make the necessary amendments to axle so its sits central in the rear arch

1st pic JLH brake kit, lovely well made piece of kit


Andy Sebring

Eventaul wheel and tyre choice , again thanks to JLH of the midget and sprite parish , they look great

Andy Sebring

First time on its wheels for a while , most structural work done

Need to fit bonnet now

Engine and box trial fitted in place

Andy Sebring

Engine and box in place , next job exhaust fabrication

Andy Sebring

Side on

Andy Sebring


That is simply superb. Is there any intention of producing a rough how-to guide?

Andy ....

Dont use the JHL kit on the car

...frame it and place it on an honerable wall of your home or office for all to admire..that is way to nice to to be hidden away snd just get dirty and worn out...haha

But that is nice looking forward to reading your personal reviews the pros and the cons of the jhl kit

1 Paper

how have i missed this !
looks a very cool project Andy. . . what state of tune will the engine be ?? and do you have a private pilots licenc
P Bentley

Hi Oggers I wasnt planning to but as time goes on i may do a web site for it as i did when building my sebring just need some better web skills

Prop - It is nice kit !! lol

P Bentley - 230 bhp , will run as naturally aspirated , hoping to keep it on the ground .... time will tell

Next step over the weekend get the bonnet ordered and finish the dash - will post pics soon

Andy Sebring

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