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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cosworth Midget Progress

Hi all

Managed to get a few more bits done on the cosworth project, rear axle now built up with anglia axle / 3J lsd and strengthened halfshafts with disk brake kit and frontline rear shock kit.


Andy Sebring

Disc brake kit using sierra calipers and xr2 disks

Andy Sebring

Whilst the axle was away being powder coated I also made some progress on the dashboard finished in black paint and then dipped in carbon, plan is to fit smiths magnolia gauges.

Andy Sebring

And centre console to match, planning to fit master switch / key switch and start button , will add some more photos when built up


Andy Sebring

Looks fantastic - Any more prictures / build thread somewhere ?
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

Hi Andy, hopefully I'm not preaching to the converted but it can be a real issue bleeding the rear calipers due the the bleed nipple being lower than the highest point.

This is/was the type of caliper that Westfield used on there independent set up cars and I spent many a happy hour trying to get all the air out as did Mark Evans on his "A racing car is born" series, he made some joke about using all the brake fluid in the county whilst trying to do it.

What I did was to bleed the calipers off the car by making a spacer that was slightly thicker than the disc and bleeding them with the nipple at the highest point.

Another thing I did as a belt and braces tact was to wedge the brake pedal down with the MC cap off for 24 hrs.
Martyn Wilks

Nice work Andy - very impressive


If I remember correctly, -When I fitted my Anglia / Escort diff assy. I seem to remember that the pinion flange centre line is a bit offset compared to the centre line of the trans. tunnel and if you use the large diameter tailshaft it goes real close to the side of the tunnel. - There are a few different diameter shafts to pick from, small is good -- Sorry, I can't remember exactly what I ended up with but I think it was from a Nissan Pintara, shortened up to suit with a Ford front spline grafted onto it to match my Bullet box
William Revit



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Looks fabulous Andy, great effort.
SR Smith 1

Blood pleasure made me laugh.

Keep posting, Andy. We can't get enough of it - at least until our own inadequacy starts to hurt.
Nick and Cherry Scoop

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