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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - crackle/wrinkle black

Having dropped the dashboard to attend to my wiper mechanisms, I think I might repaint it before it goes back in.

Any recommendations/avoids for brands of black crackle/wrinkle paint?

The stuff sold by the usual suspects works ok but I've found temperature to be more important.
A warm environment produces a better crackle. I found out by spraying on a relatively cool day which resulted in a poor finish but after stripping the paint (again) a much better finish was obtained when the ambient temp was higher.
Jeremy MkIII

i couldn't get this to work, in the end i got fed up of buying rattle cans, so good luck.
In the end i was due a refund from Moss on something so they gave me a refurbed dash in exchange instead.
P Bentley

I did mine using crackle spray cans - spray can in one hand and hair dryer in the other. Seemed to work ok like that.
Geoff Mears

If the original wrinkle finish is undamaged, Give it a good clean and just give it a light coat of satin black and it will come up like new
William Revit

I've got to say that my dashboard is 51 years' old now and unlike my face [which is considerably older] has lost most of it wrinkle finish...
David Cox

from memory you need to get it back to bare metal first, following the application instructions on the can, then keep it warm (on a radiator) while it cures
S G Macfarlane

From the Classified section of this site -

Rewrinkled dashs boards.
MGB and midget dash boards rewrinkled to concourse standard all dash boards in stock, on exchange bases or sold outright
Nigel Atkins

The metal needs to be warmed BEFORE you spray the wrinkle finish. It also needs to be thoroughly cleaned and don't use any sort of primer or filler.

PS. If you want good results and unless you are fastideous and patient, then Nigel's link to Richard is probably the better option

My dash has had patches of bare metal for longer than I can remember (but that could be 5 minutes) and my car is outside and driven all year round, often with the hood down. Like me the dash doesn't have even a hint of crackle, but we survive.
Nigel Atkins

I have to say that earlier this year I exchanged my 12 year old dash board (originally from Moss) which was starting to show signs of rust coming through the painted surface, for one of Richard Woolley's exchange items. The paint quality was much better, Richard had painted both sides of the dashbaord - Moss had not, and the quality of wrinkle was also better.

As I recall I paid a very good price as well.
PN Sellen

There are "how to do's" on the web, but the key to success is a heat lamp to get the paint to crackle.
J Bubela

I'm not fastidious, in fact quite the opposite as I don't like things that are too shiny to use. I probably painted the dash when I first restor^H^H^H refurbished/rescued/whatever? the car 30 years ago and was happy with it then, but it's looking a bit shabby now.

Yes, if wrinkling is complicated then a good clean and a once over with some smooth black might be enough.


My answer...rhinno truck bed linner, it has a nice texture, its cheap and once its cured about 30 days its indistructable, and cqn be painted

One time job

1 Paper

As mentioned, heat is the key. I also used a hair dryer after painting and it wrinkled nicely. Follow the directions - it usually includes spraying a heavier coat than you are used to. Practice on a piece of scrap metal. Also, you can get powder coat wrinkle finish which looks good and may be more durable. Good luck!
Jack Orkin

Rich Woolley is the man. He is great to deal with and his stuff is high quality
Dominic Clancy

I haven't got any experience of crackle painting but I do know that my Sprite's dash has been replaced with an exchange item.

The correspondence and receipts that came with the car showed that MGOC made a hefty deduction from the exchange deposit because the returned dash had a hole in it that needed repairing.

Perhaps something to bear in mind if you consider exchanging for new/refurbished.
C Mee

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