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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Crank pulley options

I'm working my way through this idiot-proof ignition system design. Rather than fart about drilling the flywheel and crankcase for the sensor, I was wondering if there are any other crank dampers that will fit the A-series. I have the obvious pressed type from the 948 and some dmaped versions from the Mini/Metro/Ital engines. Are there any other options that physically fit the crank nose and timing cover seal? I'm after photos of any other designs that might be a starting point, particularly the Cooper S one that comes apart.

Wasn't there someone here that lathed up his own dampers?
rob multi-sheds thomas

Try MED.
Brad (Sprite IV 1380)

Rob - that will be me and BobR then... is my original setup which worked rather well... is a damper that I got from Nick Swift and then machined up for my new build..

Both were for a 1275 crank but there is no reason why the same approach would not work for others...
Toby Anscombe

Alternatively get on to 'Trigger Wheels'. They do a bolt on kit that includes the 36-1 toothed trigger wheel and sensor bracket for A-Series motors (have a look under the section marked 'Fitting guide' then click on 'A-Series bolt-on kit' on the web page).

We've used their stuff with both Weber Alpha and Ford EDIS/Megajolt on the Climax motors and it works fine.

Not particularly cheap but certainly saves the headache of having to make up the trigger, especially if you don't have access to a Laser Cutter.
Deborah Evans

Thanks for those bits of info.

The kit I'm trying to test out for someone is a spin-off from an aero ignition system and uses magnets at 180 degrees from each other to trigger the ignition rather than 36 (or similar) slots cut into a wheel.

What I'm after is a pulley with the same physical dimensions where it slots onto the end of the crank but has enough diameter that I can drill holes into it and glue in magnets. Obviously the standard 948 type is no good and the 1275 type is a leeeeeetle bit narrow on the flat outer rim. I used to have some MGB ones and even an export MGC one. They were much larger in diameter and would've been quite handy during the 'testing phase'.

Has nyone got a photo of a Cooper S one that comes in several pieces?
rob multi-sheds thomas

Rob, obviously not buying the books that you ought to?

Daniel Thirteen-Twelve

You mean, there are books on midget tuning????

rob multi-sheds thomas PULLEY DAMPER ONLY ...

James Bilsland PULLEY FOR 12A367 D...

James Bilsland


The damper from an Ital is similair to a normal 1275 but has an extra plate with some cutouts for the rudimentary ignigition system it had. I would have thought you could screw/bond some magnets to that.

I know this because I was sorting out the bits of old-Ital engine I didnt need anymore at the weekend.....but I cant remember whether I junked the damper or not. I'll try to remember to look through the box of bits tonight.
Dean Smith ('73 RWA)

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