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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Crankshaft weight 1275

Does anyone happen to know the weight of a 1275 Crankshaft?

Anyone happen to have one to hand to pop on the scales?

Don't worry, found it, about 10.5kg.
Lawrence Slater

I've got one in the garage, surprisingly!
Dave O'Neill2

Just something you have laying around? What happened to the rest of the engine?
Lawrence Slater

I think you probably bought some of it ;o)
Dave O'Neill2

I've got one in a Moss box reground with shells if you need me to weigh it.

richard boobier

Ah that engine Dave. It's probably in pretty good condition then. Is it EN16T, or the earlier EN4IIB?

Hi Richard. if you don't mind confirming my thoughts that it weighs about 10.5Kg. Thanks.
Lawrence Slater


I only have a 1098 hanging around next to 1500 b series.

Ive got to clean this place out!
Steven Devine

This one is EN16, but it didn't come from that engine. That one was EN40, which was nice!
Dave O'Neill2

Thanks Dave.
Well you never know. Soon as I get the midget on the road, I'll drop the sumps on both my Sprite engines and get a look, I might be in need. One of them is "rattling", and may have been ground too far already. I think it's already at least 30 under, and may be a bit scored. I know you can go to 60, but is that wise?
Lawrence Slater


Mine with bubble wrap on it weighs about 11.1kg

It is reground 40M/30BE was a Moss recon unit.

If you get stuck for a C/S let me know as I have the shells/trusts and replaced spigot bearing.

richard boobier

Hi Richard.

Thanks. As soon as I get my sumps off, I'll know what I need and don't need. Cheers.
Lawrence Slater

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