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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - CSI Ignition

I was asked by Nigel how I found it - thought a new thread might be easier than having it under fuel pumps.

I have done couple of thousand miles with it and have found it to be superb. Purely subjective but the car seems to start more easily and pulls much better.

It was a doddle to fit, even for me and Wim Veldkamp who is at CSI, provided excellent pre and post sales advice.

For me the attraction was appearance and the fact it uses the original type cap. It was also recommended to me by Slark Tuning, not least because you can change the curves without removing it, given where is is in a midget - not that you want to do that often!
M Dixon

thanks a lot for posting this.

When a mate who knows about mechanics (which I don't) was fitting my 123 with me I said about testing it out to see if the curve needed changing as my engine is slightly above book, he laughed and said I'd not got a track car and not to worry about it.

I've had 6 rolling road sessions since then (5 excellent value and quality with Peter Burgess, one last week) without the need to change the setting so I wouldn't worry about changing the curve too much but it is a good benefit if you need it and the standard cap.

My 123 gives fat scarring sparks to the cap particularly so I'd be interested to hear if yours does the same.

Having a fully electronic top and bottom of dissy is good as often even with an electronic igniter head the bottom part of the dissy is worn and went out of wack within a few years even when new back in the day.

If you were to put the old dissy back in you might think something is wrong with the running again. :)

Nigel Atkins

This thread was discussed on 13/08/2018

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