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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - cut out

i want to put in a simple cut out switch. what would be the best wire to fit a switch into.
regards bob.

What are you trying to cut out?

If an immobiliser, you could interrupt the supply to the fuel pump, where the front and rear looms join at the right hand end of the dashboard.
Dave O'Neill2

Similar idea but in the boot - possibly with a key switch, not got around to doing it yet and need a warning system to myself not to gorget to turn it back on !

Trebor - did you seemy post regarding owners manual for MK11 on your hood post - post an e mail address if you want it (FOC).


richard boobier

thanks richard,
i dont have one so will take you up on that offer.many thanks.e mail address is
regards bob.

Another spot for a cut-off switch is the right side wiper stalk
Forward and back are for an overdrive when the part was used in a B. The switch is already there, but unused in a Spridget
P Burke


That must be Stateside only.

We only had the one switch here and its fully used.


richard boobier

Richard, I'm pretty sure it's the same switch.
Up and down work the 2 speed wipers, forward and back (like the headlight dimmer) do nothing.
The forward and back switch is what I'm referring to.

My car is a '72, and yes it is US spec.
P Burke

UK cars are much simpler

I'll put for my 1973 UK car to save (my) confusion - one column switch, up/down is right/left indicators, foward/back is full beam/dip headlights (plus pull further back for spring release main beam 'flash')

single speed wiper is a dash switch (right in the middle but I have to search for it)
Nigel Atkins

there is no forward on my switch. pull towards you is the flasher..dip on yours the right switch.

Did UK midgets ever get a wiper stalk switch? A 1973 model that I had still had the fascia mounted switch and 1-speed wipers.
Mike Howlett

no and 2 speed was '78 onwards (according to terry Horler's book)

I think all wiper motors now are two speed so you can add an extra wire to a replaced 2 speed dash switch
Nigel Atkins

I've done that to my current 1966 Midget - 2-speed wipers - what luxury eh? AND I've got electric washers - wow! Actually I've never used the high speed so far. First speed seems sufficient for most Scottish rain.
Mike Howlett

I've got electric pump washer and thought it might empty the washer bottle quickly forgetting how small the screen is, it last for ages longer than on the 2+ litre washer bottle of my wife's car

I've very rarely found the faster speed of much use on any car or the variable speed, I do use the single wiper or wash/wipe settings though

a single wipe is easy on my Midget as it the added luxury of self-parking but when that stopped I soon got used to the joy of hitting the button just right to get them parked and miss it a little now I'm back to self parking
Nigel Atkins

My bad
Over here my '72 has the directionals and headlamp dimmer on the left, with the high beam flasher.
On the right is the 2 speed wiper stalk. Forward and back are unused, hence the "additional" switch I was referring to.
Both stalks are original to a US spec car.

Sorry for the confusion.

P Burke

UK spec MGBs gained a wiper stalk with the overdrive switch by the mid-70s. The overdrive switch moved to the gearlever in about '77.

UK spec Midgets only ever had one column stalk.
Dave O'Neill2

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