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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Cylinder head

My 1972 1275 midget recentley lost nearly all power on a "spirited" run....After limping home, & checking things over I found that I had lost lots of coolant, A compression test showed 2 cylinders with low compression, so "off with its head" & found a damaged head gasket & 2 badly burnt exhaust valves.

My existing head is a 9 stud head...I can buy an overhauled 11 stud head at a good price, so the question can I fit a 11 stud head onto my 9 stud block ?

Alan cotterill

Alan, why would you want to do that?
I recently did a headgasket (again) and this time replace the studs with ARPs. I could tell the difference when installing- easier to torque due to much smoother movement. this might be an easier solution if you're afraid of blowing another one.
don g

Yes, you can. You can either drill and tap the block for the extra two studs, or just fit on the existing nine.
Dave O'Neill 2

If you do go the 11 stud, the front stud is only torqued about 25-30 ft pounds...I did see the other day on a site to go 60 ft pounds but Id think thats pushing it....the front stud runs into a water jacket and needs sealant,,,,also you may have to notch out the valve cover for studs 10 and 11 as some intrfer...mine did


Thanks for the replies, Alan.
Alan cotterill

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