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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dash Panel Controls

I have uploaded a photo of a right hand drive dash panel switch/control/gauge layout as it is shown in the owners handbook ref. AKD 4850A for a 1967 MKIII midget.
Would I be correct in assuming that all cars built around this time would have left the factory with this layout or did the layouts tend to vary slightly during this period of production?
I am asking this question because I have yet to see a dash panel laid out exactly as shown in the handbook.



J Bond

you have bought my whole world crashing down, you have found a version of the good book with errors in , and on a Sunday too!

It's difficult for me to make out but I'd think at least the 'C' and 'H' knobs are the wrong way round and I'm not sure about the windscreen washer pump, it's been a while since I've had a toggle switch dash so I can't picture the layout now but its not like that I think.

I've lost my faith in the old book but retain my faith in the new book (amalgamated reprint).

You have driven me to drink, or my wife might now as she sees me sent so low in spirit.
Nigel Atkins

Heater and choke are definitely reversed.

I think the washer pump and panel light switch may also have been transposed, but it's a while since I have had an early car.

There's no mention of numbers 1 and 12, nor the oil pressure gauge. (easy for me to see, as I have a copy in front of me ;o) )
Dave O'Neill 2

On my 1970 car the washer pump iwas above the choke on the far left. It also had a cigarette lighter where the ignition key was after it moved the column , was it an optional extra I wonder . I always thought the oil pressure warning light looked like an afterthought , both my cars have the hole there but no lights.
Mike Fairclough

I think the rev counter and Speedo panel is the norm.

5- lighting switch ok
6- fuel gauge usually at 16
7- ignition ok
8- oil light ok
9- washer pump ok
14- mixture control usually at 18
15- windscreen wiper switch usually at 17
16- oil pressure & temp gauge usually at 6
17- panel light switch usually 15
18- heater control usually 14

Anyone agree with the above?

Hope this photo is a bit clearer.

J Bond

Agreed , I hadn't spotted the fuel and oil/water guage transposed
Mike Fairclough

I too missed the oil/temp and fuel gauges swapped even though they're probably the most obvious from the drawings.

As the r/h is a mirror of the l/h drawing I wonder if the l/h is correct.

A strange mistake to make it to print and production I wonder how many owners when the cars were new noticed or even read those pages.

My computer thinks there's danger in my Heritage DVD with Handbooks in and won't open it otherwise I'd see if the mistake continued in later toggle dash Handbooks or in the Sprite Handbook.
Nigel Atkins

Must admit I have only ever taken those diagrams to be indicative and assumed that there was variation from new anyway.

Given that I think most new owners would have been inquisitive enough to try the switches and knobs to see what they did rather than refer to the bed-time reading book. Not that it isn't helpful in many respects but for that bit I wouldn't expect it to be the first choice. Who could resist flicking a dashboard switch to see what it did!

"Who could resist flicking a dashboard switch to see what it did!"

And then wondering why the panel light switch didn't seem to do anything ;o)
Dave O'Neill 2

At which point you look it up in the bedtime reading book, of course!

On the subject of the oil warning light position, on my early 68 car it's central above the water temp/oil pressure gauge which is in position 6 on the photo.
J Bond

Unmarked panel light switch was my first thought especially when switch flicking during daylight.

And of course the weird double function 'H' knob might be a bit of a mystery, even after you've discounted heated rear window.

And for those born after 1980 the purpose of the 'C' knob, let alone how to adjust the cabin heat or stop it.

Even when my '73 Midget was new it was very old fashion for the time.

In my memory of the toggle dash the oil warning light (blocked filter was it?) was not far inboard of the rev counter.
Nigel Atkins

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