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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - dash switches wiring

Hi all, I'm looking for some advice. I have a 1978 midget 1500 which was someone else's unfinished project. They have taken the dashboard apart, all wiring off switches etc. Is there anyway I can get a diagram of the switches ie the wiper switch? Which colour wire goes to which terminal(4 pin switch). Also the heater control switch,which colour wires go to the 2 that are connected to the heater switch.
k castell

There are plenty of wiring diagrams available, which should also show the switch terminal numbers.

The driver's handbook has a wiring diagram, as does the Haynes manual.

You are lucky, as with the later 1500s, the dashboard wiring loom is separate and you can connect it all up while it is on the bench.
Dave O'Neill 2

forget about the manuals I found them quite difficult to follow, but there is a guy that sells laminated wiring diagrams on ebay for our cars, bought one for my sprite a while ago, much more clearer and easier to follow well recommended
m berry

re above the guy advertises as prospero just type in midget wiring diagram
m berry

these may help
mark 1500 on the road Preston Lancs

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