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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dashboard


Almost finished, so as we all like pictures, here is the finished dash and interior for critical appraisal. I have gone for a sort of late 50s look and added a centre console for the CD, voltmeter and clock - yet to be fitted in the bottom centre. Doors yet to be re-hung, colours somewhat contrasting due to the flash. Dash is OEW as per body colour. Long fiddly job but worth it I feel, if only for the improvement over what was there - or rather not - beforehand.

All now sound-proofed, new carpets, new vinyl on the crash rail, boot all lined/sound-proofed, speakers fitted in rear divider, felt backing behind the dash. Things to do include possible driver's parcel shelf, fill in the hole in the bottom left of the dash left by the old choke - which I think should have been the heater.

The engine now awaits my tender mercies.


Smart! I do like the painted dash and it contrasts well with your chosen shade of blue.

The blue (vinyl?) you have used along the crash rail is pretty well what I have been imagining for my Frogeye seats and interior trim. Was that recoloured from the original or did you find a supply of new material that colour?


Thanks for that. I had initially thought of sticking to the dark navy blue of the existing footwell carpets, but it was just too dark for my liking and I did not wish to feel entombed if the hardtop is fitted. The vinyl came with the car in a roll. The PO had used it to fab up some race-like quilting over the transmission tunnel - so I assume new. I'll see if I can find a label or something.

What about the seats? Is that a Vinyl dye?

Not as far as I can tell. They are bucket seats, quite supportive. Again, they came with the car and the vinyl is different.

Impossible to fault it, Oggers. Lovely job.

(I'll wait for another 20 or so posts before I mention my one tiny comment)
Nick and Cherry Scoop

I like it! I think colour choice is so difficult. I suppose you have to make a decision and stick with it.
Bill Bretherton

Nick, is your tiny comment what I was thinking? Something along the lines of a cd player not being the 50s look? The dash looks good though. Personally I would have sloped the front of the centre console so that the top of it was flush with the dash.

T Mason

No, Trev, I think Oggers has brilliantly given the CD player the 50s look, with his console colour and shape.

Is the gear lever usually that far back?
Nick and Cherry Scoop

Would you be interested in a metal center consul from a NA spec midget?
J Bubela


Indeed re. the sloped console. With hindsight I think I should have done so if only for the ergonomics, but I was put off by the complex curves etc. Not a big deal though...

Nick - Yes gear lever is usually that far back if fitted with a type 9 box and 2.0 Ford Duratec...

Guy - No joy with the vinyl I am afraid - no markings at all anywhere.


It's the horn push, Oggers. Sitting in the middle of that lovely wheel, the MG just looks a bit measly.
Nick and Cherry Scoop


OK. I'll buy that...but what to replace it with? MGA type centre cap perhaps? Incidentally it is a dummy. The horn is a push button on the bottom right of the centre console - obscured by the wheel.

I once paid a large amount of money to Moto-Lita to turn an alloy surround for my Sprite badge (apologies to everybody who's seen this before), or they have some nice standard ones. Have you got a Midget horn push, or can you get one? With your interior, you could turn a lovely surround in mahogany.

Nick and Cherry Scoop

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