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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Dashboard help

Hi all,
Mk III midget ( the most beautiful thing on 4 wheels bar none)
Resto is coming on now really well & all heavy duty stuff done now!
Next question, I want to drop the dash so I can replace the switches and choke cable only- is there an idiot proof way of doing this or does everything have to be disconnected / unbolted etc
Thanks in advance ( !! )
Cheers colin
c frowen

You don't need to drop the dash just to replace switches.

Mind you, it depends if you have hands the size of footballs, or golf balls.
Lawrence Slater

One thing that you may find helps is to remove the tachometer first. You can then reach in through the tachometer mounting hole and get at the back of the switches that you may find gives your hands an easier angle.

I'll second Guy's comment, resoundingly. I've been into my dash a few times to fit a wood overlay, clean the instruments, remove and clean the lighting switch, etc. etc. It's definitely advantageous to remove one or both of the large instruments first, as certain items are then much easier to reach through the holes than by reaching up from underneath.


Gryf Ketcherside

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