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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - dashboard lights not working

got no clock lights on the dash board, realy not too clever with electrics. is there a easy fuse change or fix for this.

cheers james
james gibson

is the panel light switch on?

are the sidelights/headlights on?

have you got that owners Handbook?

what year of car?
N Atkins

If it's a mK 1 or 2 sprite the dashboard light switch is on the bottom edge of the dashboard directly under the steerng column. Check that out first.
Graham P 1330 Frogeye

oh jus seen it's a '78 1500 so I think it's the same as my 1275 and it's furthest switch on the left

(all in the owners Handbook)
N Atkins

yeh its a 1500 78 , the lights are not coming on when flick the switch. no dash lights attall
james gibson

James, they aren't too bright to begin with. Is the dash light rheostat turned all the way to the right? If it is, reach behind it, remove the leads and connect them together somehow and turn on the head light switch. If the dash lights work, the rheostat is knackered. If not, you'll have to troubleshoot things. Could be burned out bulbs too and yes, they do get dirty even behind the dash.

The MGB has the same rheostat as well and look around as they can be expensive. On the other hand, why not just leave the wires connected so the lights come on when the main lights are turned on?
Clive Reddin

I'm with Clive, I was going to put next bypass the switch (forgetting again the luxury nature of the later car with things like rheostats)

Iíve never seen the point of a panel light switch, a rheostat is handy if the panel lights are too bright but I donít think thatís the case with Spridgets

My panel lights switch is bypassed, I was hoping it might make the lights a little brighter but it didnít
N Atkins

UK-spec midgets never had rheostats, although MGBs did.
Dave O'Neill 2

I use the panel lights switch as a fan over-ride switch.

Check the earth (black) on the instruments... should be a common ground somewhere.

Next check the +12v feed: red-white to the bulbs; red/green? from the switch to #4 fuse (non-fused side?). Should be 12v at this point with the ign on.

AIUI the panel light switch could be used to turn off the panel bulbs to save battery when the car was parked on the street overnight (with no street-lights, parking lights needed).

Anthony Cutler

I seem to remember one old car that either my parents or uncle or granny had that actually had a turn down switch - worth checking around for, before taking any further drastic action.

No - can't remember where it was!!!!!

Dave I'm totally lost on what extra the later Midgets got

100% Bs had but with mine it had to be on full so redundant anyway

had on on the Vaden Plas (1100) that was good as the dash light were actually bright and the low light green dials looked cool
N Atkins


good point

>>AIUI the panel light switch could be used to turn off the panel bulbs to save battery when the car was parked on the street overnight (with no street-lights, parking lights needed).<<

other cars would have settings for either n/s or o/s front and rear side lights to remain on or you'd plug in a little white/red light on your door window

very interest now as we now have many street lights permantly switched off to save Council money

so those reflective numberplates I bang on about start to be more relevant - course most black numberplate cars will have garages
N Atkins

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