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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Database

I have many manuals and books on midgets but none of them go into detail on nut and bolt sizes has anyone ever compiled a database of such information?
C Carter

you are joking? - it's the type of thing the intraweb was invented for

Moss also list them in there catalogues but you can expect the odd mistake (not their fault but yours of course, they never make mistakes particularly with cataloging items !)

I'll give you this as a start -

Nigel Atkins

That's a list and a half Nigel! There can't be many items left out. Presuambly the part nos carry over from the B to the spridgets?
G Williams

well it's just one list but its a very good one, yes it applies to Spridgets too

the rest of Paul's site is also packed with information although it's about the B much of the information is also relevant to Spridgets in principal, obviously if you're looking at overdrive wiring variations then it may not be too relevant to Spridgets but info on bullet connects transfers
Nigel Atkins

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