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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - de-bumper and lower 1500

Hi all,

After 6 years without a midget, i have just bough a '79 1500, years MOT and 6 months tax for a very good price. The body is sound with only some slight surface rust showing (good old screwdriver test to confirm it solid).

Although not my first choice, the 1500 i am told will make a better platform for my k-series conversion (1.8 K from the MGF sitting on my drive).

As my first act, I will be removing the rubber bumpers. Its been a while since I did any research on this subject and I cant recall the best method for lowering ride height once all that weight is off!

Can anyone advise?

R McGeown

I appreciated thats a very common question, it was more of an intro i guess than a genuine need for answers. :)
R McGeown

The best method of lowering is shorte front springs and re-cambered rears.

A couple of things to bear in mind...

The 1500 uses different wishbone mounting brackets on the front chassis rails, so that the geometry remains correct at the increased height. Lowering will alter the geometry.

The front wheelarch has a shallower arc on the 1500, so that the gap between arch and tyre doesn't look too big. Lowering brings the arch much closer to the tyre than on a chrome bumper car.

I'm not sure whether the bumpstops are different on the 1500. They may be clearance issues.
Dave O'Neill2

Is lowering the de-bumpered 1500 purely an aesthetic matter, or is there an increased risk of rollover when working the twisty bits hard?

An increase seems logical (i.e. same car, somewhat higher), but is it substantial enough to worry about if one is disinclined to work the twisty bits much?

To ask it another way, is lowering considered somewhere between prudent and mandatory or strictly optional?

Richard Reeves

Perhaps ask Arie De Best (on the 16v/k-series thread) - he has a k-series in a de-bumpered 1500 shell.

I also have a 1500 and have now gathered most of the parts to debumper. Planning to do it when the weather is warmer though. I got given an 8 track player for xmas so my project now is getting that going. Not sure if you'll be fitting chrome as I plan to. Anyway..

So far I've accumulated: chrome front bumper with over-riders and split rear bumpers are the preference. I have bought the grille surround, grille (expensive) and badge. Austin Mini indicators (might be a bit big).

Anyway let us know how you get on, and feel free to PM me to exchange notes.

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for the reply, I am going for a straight forward (lol) de-bumper.

She's going to be a track car mainly, so weight is the main driver for removing them.

What are you doing with regards to the large holes left in the wings?
R McGeown

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