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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - dellorto carbs for a sprite?

i found these carbs that were on a sprite long ago

are they worth restoring , any experience with this setup?

or better keep them in my large (and growing)pile of parts?

awe rijt

I've no experience with that set-up although many years ago, around 1990, I did see an italian sprite that had a similar Weber set-up, ie 2 single choke side draught carbs that were a bolt on mod to the frogeye manifold, apparently quite a common mod in Italy when the cars were new. The owner said the carbs were obsolete but spares were still available at the time. Other than that I liked having a 40 DHLA on my A series engines, much prefered it to SUs.
David Billington

There's a decent write up on these in Vizard. And if you are going to use them, you should get a better manifold to mount them on from what I've read.
Lawrence Slater

Are you offering them on marktplaats?
If I am correct they are almost the same as the DHLA inside but then only single barrel.

I love them but with a good 45DHLA on my midget and several sets of SU I have no use for them.
Onno K

Two things that occur to me -

a) can you get spares - chokes jets etc

b) will the float chambers clear the bonnet? - they look as if they stand quite high on that manifold

It would certainly be an unusual set up if you could make it work

James B

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