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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Did i get the wrong bearings?

Well, after getting of work I decided on a slow Friday night in the garage. After getting the old pistons off and the new on the connecting rod I started assembly of the engine. Getting the crank and mains in went smoothly but when I tried to fit the big ends on the rod it seemed that they would not fit being to large. I didn't want to force them to much but they should go in easy just like the mains right?

I got them from mini spares and the box says "Big Ends 1275 EXCEPT S -STD" I've got a 12V enigne

These are the ones

if they're the wrong ones could someone please correct me on which to get?

Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

If yours is a standard midget crank then the big ends are 1 5/8ths inch bigends. The Mini ones are 1 3/4inch so they are IMO too big for your engine.
Robert (Bob) Midget Turbo

Allright, Thanks Bob.

Guess I'll have to order new ones and wait until next week then.. Bummer..

Alexander Sorby Wigstrom

As Bob rightly says you will need the Mini Cooper S sized bearings for a Midget crank
James B

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