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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Diff cage bearing removal

I am attempting to adjust the backlash of a 4.2 Sprite diff that I am installing. The cage bearings were marginal so when I managed to remove them it was not too tragic when they fell apart during the process. But now I intend to juggle the shims to achieve the proper backlash number and if I am NOT successful I would like to understand how to remove said bearings without damaging them. It appears that a very specific puller is needed to get under the bearing and seat on the inner race. Even with some of the ring gear bolts removed it looks like a tight fit. I'm in the US and would prefer not to get some specialzed tool for perhaps a one time operation. HELP!
j bassler

Theres two small indents under the bearings, just grind down a puller to suit.
Brad 1380

I hope this is helpful (from the library over at the MG Experience):

the bearing puller shown used to remove the inner pinion bearing is the same that would be used to pull the cage bearings. I bought a puller set from Harbor Freight for about $50, and most auto parts stores will rent one.

Norm Kerr

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