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MG Midget and Sprite Technical - Diff carrier special diameter shims

I am using an LSD and I want to have the ability move the same LSD cage/carrier between 2 or 3 different casing/ratios frequently, the tedious part is setting the crown wheel and pinion back lash each time by puling off the bearings each time and then adding & removing the various thickness shims on the inside of the cage /carrier bearing , BUT there is an alternative : it is quite possible to use special larger diameter (72mm / 2.75" o/d)shims on the OUTSIDE of the bearings instead of the standard inside position. This is clearly shown in the SpridgetMania YouTube video titled Sprite & midget rear end rebuild part 2.

SpridgetMania do supply these oversize shims but as you need a good selection and they are a much higher cost than standard shims plus shipping to UK it comes to a reasonably high cost.

So my question is simply is anybody in the UK doing this tweek and if so where did you find suitable shims ?

The sizes are I/d 60mm x O/d 72mm in thickness 002 " , 003", 006" , 010"

Any ideas ??

Ian Webb 1973 GAN5

Here in Holland I order shims at Brammer. They have a large stock and much cheaper than Moss, AH Spares etc.. If they don't have it in stock they order them in 1 day. I see that Bramer also exists in the UK.
Flip Brühl

I used the US shims as I changed to an LSD and therefore the numbers on the cage/crown wheel were irrelevant.
I wanted to try and save pulling the bearings off numerous times to set thebacklash. The shins are very difficult to get into the caps and I trashed 2 or 3. They are nothing special so I'm sure someone could get some made up.
Jon White

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